Friday, November 11, 2011

Being born, sweet thing, having fretted.

Of course, now she's got Nina, non-beagle.

I think her breed-centrism is softening.

And another thing - I know she loves me too!


If orange turned to green

Too prosaic? I was just thinking,

what is the essence of Susie...

what does Susie think about all the time...


When you pulled up to the light I though you

wanted to race minivans.

Streets in collusion with

sidewalks in collusion.

"For a city might also be a garden," she said,

"and a garden is certainly a city." Cognac,

on the other hand, is best


served heated,

with a dog nearby, lolling

on a carpet.

A Je ne sais quoi of quick

wit and wonder,

She is an even lovelier



I'm Sue's sister-in-law –

the other Sue Landers.

Glasses make the woman

you don’t make them.

Here are some thoughts t

hat came to me re: Sue:

You are the giggle inside

every well stocked spice



Here's a penny for Franklin's grave,

and a cheesesteak that can ward off vamps.

Attentive baby, listening

to sister read to her

from a chapter book,

waiting for word.


When Sue reads moon,

oh! bright green baby doll

wicked pair of squat heels.

A new world could begin

with a chalk line around

every Beagle or Cow.


woe song crooner nonsense

crash test

flinging pages

Sue glided with Muffin

and Nina led, evening

stroll together

as she read them first time I ever met her.


your manual of style to

keep the lines intelligent

& cool.


Lulu noodles pride themselves

for being

of this world

but tasting out of this world.


reading Dante with you or

watching Buffy with you

or writing a book together,

laughing, where hell


figure in at all, they're like,

the hardest books to come by!

& in this one I even end up

liking vegetables



now I'm taking stock of my fortune,

knowing you

& loving you, & writing

a book as small & big as a

pill shaped locket canto,

referring first & always to

your manuel of style to keep

the lines intelligent & cool.


In the perfect confabulation

of eradication & message,

we remain non-plussed by

the 'Non Plus Ultra',

but then again, you can

always exchange the pronouns.

And add accelerant.


no better to her elbows

up with the candy of

it all

and sweet creatures tugged, dragged me.

But t'was fun.

The facts are accurate.

and the drip, drip of one

impression after



Duncan, up and under,

beats the clock at the buzzer

Rambling on Rambling

Road, Sue and her docile

boy friend, Muffin,

there's Philadelphia sunshine

in this book when we

get coffee, in Brooklyn, & walk

for hours, talking even


with me and my rambunctious

girl friend, Nina... a perfect

There is a star for every

wandering bark.

Scrap metal sue, Kramerbooks

sue of martha

stewart sue,

Oh dear - just saw this!

Hope it went well.


Example: "luster=metallic" or

"luster=sub met*"

"streak=gray" "lead=4*"

finds all metallic minerals

with a gray streak containing

40.0% to 49.9%

of lead.


Shares a sample of things

she edits: velvet

pants, a pup at the knife fight - pining

for his pillow (heart

shaped), pork chop

plans: hard to believe,

really - all this bent light.


All animals so they could sing.

My little sister is a treasure,

she is

(and has been from the very start)

in collusion with wild

knotted rĂ­os of air and

the blue blue light


o'er how many

milligrams, no more

than a few.

For the fearful and small

she froths up a hot.

Cloak-carrying hinged

back. Beach erodes where

you alight.


"Metropolitan maven"

So how many milligrams

is Sue now up to?

She wants to know what

the rest of us do.

The story is this: platforms,

dimples, drive-thru, More Later...


Soft accidentals of collaboration —

these relationships

Or a red smile with flags

(called wings).


Correctly Sue added vegetables to the stew.

No, beagle-plus

plus ratatouille.

When you look at me it's like

a vcr blinking 12:00.

Damn, i was just twirling

a word with odd

meanings the other day.

What was it? i'll get this.


that's the one i'm on.

BUT can you tell me how

long 'a line' is supposed

to be?

Meal with an attitude of



I love her very much.

She is smart and talented

and thoughtful and strong

and beautiful

inside and out.

Madonna fatigued

decades tumbling gem

annealer counted and


She was an adorable baby


and sweet little girl

with easily-trampled grass

in collusion with skyswift


It's the beagle, stupid.

We're cheerleading for

you, Sue!

Mid-century, modern



Other times you come wearing red pen.

To be hugged from the inside,

thus, plump with


Crusader for the protection

of children's


As for the adults around


her, I think

Sue tolerates us

but finds us a bit boring

and predictable! We're

OK w/ it, though!

Every accident most

times had wings.


Henna services advertised

by Lulu in a lavender weekly

invite us to see the sea.

Aunt of autonomy.

A milligram of Sue is

worth two for the view.

A world of creaturely

movement in

little gay socks.


The keeper of twitter

feed, the poet, dear


Occupation -- that is, to

keep busy rather than to be kept.

Viridian, porky, waddya,

tamales, dude.

Thank you for being, Sue:

happy birthday to you!


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Friday, December 7, 2007

The reading is happening!

Here it is, folks! The Brooklyn installment of the 9 poets, 9 cities reading series, happening on Sunday, December 9 along the B63 bus route -- (that's 6+3=9). Come on along!

Reading (1): Sunday, December 9

10:00 AM

95th street and 4th Ave, Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn
95th street subway stop, underneath the Fort Hamilton 24 hour diner, just down the block from the 99 cent store with the black santa face.

Poem: Filter stimulus, by a.rawlings, from forthcoming work: Ecolology

Reading (2): Sunday, December 9
10:34 AM Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
On the B63 Bus between 92nd street and 68th street, Brooklyn, near the back of the bus.

Poem: Dorothea Lasky's "Monsters"

Reading (3): Sunday, December 9
10:50 AM Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

5th Avenue between Senator street and 67th street, in front of the Bait & Tackle and next to the psychic.

Poem: Hoa Nguyen's O Who Exactly

Reading (4) Sunday, December 9
11:30 AM Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Sunset Park, 41st and 5th street, on the boulder in the lower corner of the park, overlooking 5th Ave and 41st street, with a view of the water.
Poem: "A Found" by Karen Hannah

Reading (5) Sunday, December 9

12:00 Noon Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Melody Lanes bowling alley, 37th street and 5th avenue

In the arcade behind the snack counter, next to the rocket ship.
Poem: Jen Coleman's "Mirror song"

Reading (6) Sunday, December 9
12:30 PM Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn
Greenwood Cemetery, 25th street and 5th avenue entrance, across from McGovern florist, near the civil war gravestones.
Poem: Logan Ryan Smith's "Don't get me started on gravity"

Reading (7) Sunday, December 9

12:50 PM
Bus stop, 9th street and 5th Avenue outside of Neergaard 24 hour Pharmacy
Poem: "The Hand" by Travis Nichols

Reading (8) Sunday, December 9

1:20 PM

Playground at 3rd street and 5th avenue, near the slides or near the swings, whichever is least crowded.

Poem: Yuri Hospodar's "My Red Wheelbarrow"

Reading (9) Sunday, December 9
2:15 PM
Outside the wierd Atlantic Ave building with no entrance, on the median where Atlantic Ave, 4th Avenue and Flatbush all converge
Poem: Kendall Grady's "Let's Make Things Harder"